Brian Goding - Filmmaker

With the passion to pursue film and share stories, Brian Goding a local surfer and filmmaker from Lewiston, Maine sold his flooring business so he can do what he loves without any distractions. Working for various clients across Maine and studying at Maine Media College, Brian has been able to fine tune his video and editing skills. For his latest project, Shoot the Pier, that passion grew even more when he received some 8mm film from surfer Tom Wiley with footage of surfing from the 60's and 70's in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. He decided then to put together a documentary showing the history of surfing and skateboarding in Old Orchard Beach. The film tells the story of a generation and era of surfing in Old Orchard Beach through historical 8mm footage from the 60's mixed with modern day surf footage and interviews of the original surfers. Bombing hills, bombing waves, and partying on the beach, this film will bring us back in time and back again. Keep an eye out for the film "Shoot the Pier - A True Maine Surf Story"