Charles Friedman- flowfold

I spent some time with Charles Friedman of flowfold, in their workshop location in Portland. During the brief visit, Charles cut, assembled, and stitched a banner for maine project out of reclaimed sail cloth.Flowfold produces super light weight and durable wallets and bags out of sail cloth. Recently as a way to find a use for leftover pieces of sail cloth from their wallet and bag lines, flowfold has begun to build banners for businesses out of these leftover pieces. This helps play a role in flowfold reducing their environmental impact by reducing waste. During the visit, Charles takes the time to explain to maine project where the name flowfold comes from, and the emphasis flowfold places on the crew being able to execute each step of their business before outsourcing to local vendors. Check out the video below of Charles handcrafting a sail cloth banner for maine project. The second part of the flowfold series will be coming to the site soon.

flowfold flowfold flowfold