Cinco This

So, the story behind the new braise column, is that we document life in Maine from our perspective, and food plays an important role in that life. In the column expect to find anything food related land itself here. Why call it braise? Slow and steady yields amazing results. Our goal is to bring food to the "table" without being cliche. You will not see a restaurant review from us, but you will see restaurant features and similar features.So to kick off our new braise column, since it's Cinco de Mayo, I'm sharing a Salsa recipe that I learned from co-workers when I used to work kitchens out in San Diego. Everyone should have a quick salsa they can throw together, it's so much better when you make it at home. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients you use. This one is best for tacos and burritos. If you want a mellower dipping salsa, cut back on the chiles, and add another tomato. Anyways, enjoy.

salsa recipe