Death or Glory Tattoos

Death or Glory Tattoos located in Westbrook, Maine is putting out some timeless work. Owned and operated by James Rocco Hodgdon, they have been tattooing traditional Americana and custom pieces for clients from all over. After working in shops around NYC and Austin, then opening World Famous Tattoos in Austin, Rocco headed back to Maine to open up shop in Westbrook. That was about six years ago and the shop is going strong. Joining Rocco in the shop is artist Brad Sawyer who also puts out solid work. The shop is covered in flash and tattoo wood cutouts. Both Rocco and Brad are constantly working their craft, if there isn't a client in their chair (which isn't often) they are drawing and painting new flash pieces for the shop or clients. If your looking to get some quality work done in a great shop by some talented artists, check out Death or Glory Tattoos. Here's a glimpse into the shop and some of the work that comes out of it.


Brad Sawyer.

Death or Glory Tattoos. 415 Main St. Westbrook, ME 04092 p. 207.856.5552