Doug Birgfeld - Birgfeld's Bike & Skate

Doug Birgfeld, owner of Birgfeld's Bike & Skate has been in the action sports retail game for over 30 years in Searsport. He has seen every trend, along with all the ups and downs over the years. But he has stood by these sports. He's reached into other markets over the years to help supplement his shops revenue, but at the end of the day, Birgfeld's is a Skate, Bike, and Surf shop. Back in the earlier days of Birgfeld's history with skateboarding, he put a team together for the shop. They would organize practices, team events, and contests. He created a place that became a hub for the emerging skate scene in Midcoast Maine. Many of the kids that skated for Birgfeld's back then, are now coming into the shop with their kids to get product, and they are greeted by Doug behind the counter, just as it's been for the generations before. Walking into the shop, you are immediately overwhelmed with the amount of product and projects that surround you. Vintage product mixed in with new product, make for a visual feast while walking down memory lane. Stacks of skate decks over there, a custom lowrider being built over there, a rack of surf boards, and rows upon rows of bikes. Birgfeld's stocks all types of bikes, everything from the custom lowrider, to BMX's, to cruisers, Bianchi road bikes, and even fixed gears that Doug builds out himself with older frames for the "city folk", as he likes to say. One of the most important staples of the shop is Doug himself. He has been a supporter of multiple generations of kids coming through the shop, whether it be helping out a kid who just lost his skateboard with a complete board set up, letting a regular pay what he can, then pay the rest later, or helping establish a scene in the Midcoast when skateboarding was still new and misunderstood, or stocking a local surfboard shapers boards, or just simply engaging in some entertaining "back in the day" stories with the more seasoned crew. Doug genuinely cares about the people that come through his shop, and makes you feel welcome no matter who you are, and without a doubt, that's one of the many reasons why his shop is still in business today. Go stop in to Birgfeld's shop and see firsthand what makes it so unique. There aren't many shops like it still around these days. And maybe while you're there, Jason Jesse will be stopping by on his way up to Bar Harbor.

Doug flipping through an old photo album from the early 90's skate scene in Midcoast Maine.

Doug showing an original Sims deck undrilled.

From building hotrods, bikes, and skateboards, these tools have seen it all.

Birgfeld's Bike & Skate.

Birgfeld's Bike & Skate is located at: 184 E. Main Street Searsport, ME 04974 (207) 548 2916