Dunk the Junk

There's a movement happening in Maine that is starting to gain steam on a National level. The movement is against sugar and processed foods, and it's geared towards teaching kids and their families easy ways to cut bad sugars and processed foods from their diets. This movement is lead by Dr. Kevin Strong and his crew. The non-profit that he has founded is called Dunk the Junk. Dr. Strong has teamed up with a crew of creative individuals to get their message across to kids as simply as possible. This crew includes graffiti artist Mike Rich who spray paints pieces for Dunk the Junk that help kids to visualize Dunk the Junk's message against sugary and processed foods. Through the use of hip hop, graffiti, and dance they teach kids the simple changes they can make to help fight obesity and achieve better health through proper nutrition. Recently Dr. Strong along with graffiti artist Mike Rich, dance instructor, Kea Tesseyman, DJ Mark Kelly, and a few others, with the help of Assistant Principle Matt Smith threw their launch party at the Camden-Rockport Middle School. The launch party included a dance session lead by Kea Tesseyman, junk food getting dunked, Dr. Strong presenting facts and easy changes to make in diets, and a live feed of Mike Rich spray painting a wall outside of the school. After the launch/assembly they had an after party outside. DJ Mark Kelly kept it going with some old school hip hop, the kids got in on some stencil sprayed shirts, there was also some whole foods available from Zoot Cafe, Fresh off the Farm, and Primo, for the kids to snack on. Mike finished up the wall and then got mobbed by the kids wanting their shirts tagged up.

Mike Rich starts the mural.

Dr. Kevin Strong and Assistant Principle Matt Smith.

Dr. Kevin Strong talks to the kids at Camden-Rockport Middle School about sugary drinks and processed foods.

Kea Tesseyman leads a dance session.

Mike Rich painting the mural.

Healthy snacks.

DJ Mark Kelly spins some great old school hip hop.

The kids got stenciled shirts.

Mike Rich finishing up the mural with Kea Tesseyman holding a pose.

Mike Rich tagging some of the kid's shirts.

Dr. Kevin Strong of Dunk the Junk.


Check out Dunk the Junk at dunkthejunk.org.