Fish Camp

We spent some time out in West Forks working on an upcoming project (more on that later). We meet up with Bud and his buddy Ed at Berry's General Store, then drove out about 15 miles into the woods and arrived at their camp site. Spent a few minutes there, then headed out to the first spot.Bud and Ed fished about four hours fishing the first spot for trout and salmon without much going on, so we headed back to the campsite for a quick lunch, Bud tied a couple flies, we did a quick interview, listened to some fish tales, then headed out to another spot to finish the afternoon casting flies. Not much action at the second spot, besides a couple hits and a small trout catch and release. We spent the whole day out on the river in beautiful locations with great people. Fish or no fish, the day was a success and well spent when you look around and take in where you are. We also got to witness a great friendship that goes back many years of these guys spending their days out here at camp fishing and just enjoying life. This is Maine, and the way life should be.

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Lunch, fish tales, and a fly tying session. west forks maine west forks maine

Head out to check another spot for fish. west forks maine fly fishing maine fly fishing maine