Gary Sabol

I caught up with Re Session's owner Gary Sabol while I was at the shop and hit him up for his knowledge on skating and hanging out in Portland, Maine. Read on for his break down of what Portland has on offer.

3 must do's when you have visitors in town. 1. Casco Bay Ferry Cruise 2. Hit the nightlife up (always tons of stuff going on). 3. ...........

3 spots to eat cheap. 1. Pats Pizza 2. OhNo Sandwich Shop (OhNo Cafe) 3. Market St. Eats

3 things about skating in Portland Maine.

1. Bricks 2. Cobblestones 3. Nothing is perfect… that’s why it is perfect!

Top 3 skateparks in Maine. 1. Portland park 2. Lewiston park 3. Standish park

Top 3 skate spots in Maine. 1. Medians (Portland) 2. D.I.Y (Portland) 3. Marginal Way bank to wall (Portland)

3 spots for when the weather is bad. (skate or hangout) Gary: "All of our covered spots for skating are pretty much gone now..  so good hangouts are" 1. ReSession skate shop…  come in and shoot the breeze and watch skate vids. 2. Death or Glory tattoo shop in Westbrook..  get tatted up!  The only true skater owned tat shop in the area. 3. The Nickelodeon Theater..  catch a flick.

3 up and coming skaters from Portland. Gary: "Woah..  so many" 1. James Engle 2. Dave Greene 3. Kevin Vov (he’s an old man but every time I skate with him he amazes me) still up and coming!

3 things you're looking forward to this summer in Portland. 1. Skating in warm weather. 2. Riding my motorcycle. 3. Meeting cool new people from all over the world that stop in the shop.

3 reasons to stop by Re Session. 1. Best product money can buy. 2. Info on all skate spots around town. 3. Meet up with the homies before a good session.


Re Session Skate Shop is located at 38 Market St. Portland, ME. 04106.