JD Maloney - Surfer

Recently I went with Brian from Bridge to Shore Films to meet up with JD Maloney. Brian was interviewing JD for the Shoot the Pier Film. JD was the owner of the Big Dawn Surf Shop in Old Orchard Beach. The shop was open during the 70's in Old Orchard during a boom of surfing in the beach town. We heard amazing stories from JD about surfing and skateboarding in Maine during the late 60's and through the 70's. After the interview JD pulled out his surfboard and the sign from The Big Dawn Surf Shop. He showed us an original shop shirt, and the original screen for printing.Not able to surf as much as he would like, JD is still connected to the ocean and still rides the big ones way offshore in his sailboat. He also owns and operates Woods to Goods in York, Maine which retails Maine made products from prison inmates. Keep an out for the Shoot the Pier film. Check out the website for a trailer of the film.