John Jones - Knife Maker

Artisan John Jones is a local metalsmith and custom knife maker located in Bangor, Maine. He is the owner and craftsman behind J.M. Jones Knives. All the knives I saw at his metal workshop were of great quality, however, the Damascus knives are what really stood out to me. The Damascus chef knives are beautiful and functional. These chef knives would be a standout in any kitchen both commercial and at home. John produces his own Damascus steel which he uses for blades on a variety of knives. Every step of the knife making process is done by hand, by John in his metal shop. Everything from forging the steel, to hammering, to heat treating, to sanding, etching, and polishing the blade, is done by John. If you are interested in J.M. Jones Knives, you can visit the website to inquire about his knives.