Josh Moody - Monroe Surf Co.

monroe surf co Josh Moody, surfer, surfboard shaper and owner of Monroe Surf Co. Josh started building boards out of a need for a surfboard that he could have fun on without his only option being a longboard. Josh built a few boards for himself and a few friends to surf, then after a trip to California and gaining some insight to the craft from Terry Senate, he came back to Maine and went full on shaping and glassing surfboards. Josh being a Jack of all trades, built his log home on a piece of land in Monroe, Maine with a chainsaw using local cedar and reclaimed materials. It is on this same land that he built his shape shack where he pursues his goal of helping people have more fun in the water by building them custom surfboards. It's evident in Josh's persona that he has the drive and determination to make things happen, and that has lead to him building surfboards in the quiet Midcoast town of Monroe. Along with building boards, Josh spends plenty of time in the cold Atlantic waters of Maine. He is constantly on the search up and down the rugged Maine coast exploring the nooks and crannies in search of waves. He puts in the work and it's paying off for him, he's created a living out of doing what he loves most.

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