Maine Drone

maine drone photography
drone shot of train yard in maine
dixfield maine
drone maine aerial view
maine drone photo

We recently added a drone to our kit. It opens up some great opportunities to grab some different angles of Maine and New England places that weren't always easily accessible without a drone. Before making the drone purchase, we spent some time doing some research about any rules and regulations regarding flying drones in Maine. Also researched what was needed in order to fly the drone for commercial purposes. Here's a quick guide to help you if you're interested in flying a drone in Maine. I ended up getting a DJI Phantom 3 4k for $599. I figured it had what I needed to get started with flying, and would be a good starting point for my first drone. So far I'm really enjoying the purchase, It shoots 12mp photos and can shoot video up to 4k. Here's a link to the DJI store to check out their line up of drones and accessories. If you're Unmanned Aircraft weighs between .55 and 55 lbs. then you need to register it. You can register online at It was only $5 when I registered my drone, and it's good for 3 years. And it was a quick and easy process. Make sure you label you're drone with you're registration number once you register. If you're looking to fly you're drone for business then you should start at the Federal Aviation Administration website to see what's needed.  The new Small UAS Rule (part 107) goes into effect Aug. 29th 2016. The B4UFLY app from the faa is a good resource to let you know on any flight restrictions or requirements in the area you intend to fly.