Nate Clukey - Skier

Nate Clukey. Skier. Skateboarder. Former Terrain Park Manager. Bethel local. Sunday River local. Mt. Abram local. Maine local. I spent the day with Nate, he had just been flowed some new wax from Kickin Chicken Wax. We stopped by Pinnacle to use the shop so Nate could wax up his skis. After Pinnacle we headed up to the terrain park at Sunday River to test the new wax and grab some shots. Then we stopped by Mt. Abram, Nate got in on some free skiing from 3-4pm. Throughout the day Nate shared some of his local knowledge of the Bethel area. Here's what he had to say.

MP: What are some of your favorite spots on Sunday River? NC: Spruce Cliffs, the Halfpipe, & South Ridge Terrain Park.

MP: Favorite spots at Mt. Abram? NC: The ZONE, Zephyr, & The CLIFF.

MP: Powder day, where are you heading? NC: Rockys Run at Mt. Abram and White Cap at Sunday River.

MP: Best place to eat in the Bethel area? NC: CHO~SUN, check out Rockstar Karaoke night and half-price Sushi every Sunday night.

MP: Best place for Apres Ski? NC: Sunday River Brew Pub.

MP: Best mountain secret? NC: The Crepe Shack at South Ridge.

MP: Best mountain deals? NC: Mt. Abram free skiing every Thursday from 3-4 followed by 5 dollar pizza and live music in the lodge.

MP: Best place to grab breakfast after a night on the town? NC: Crossroads Diner.

MP: What's there to do in the off season? NC: Bethel Skatepark.

MP: Best thing about skiing in Maine? NC: Mainers LOVE to Party!

MP: Name 3 up and coming skiers from the Bethel area. NC: Troy Murphy, Andy Blanchard, & Curtis Bolduc.

MP: Local shop for gear? NC: PINNACLE BOARD SHOP!

MP: Maine roadtrip... Where are you headed? NC: Surfing the Southern Maine coast.