OXBOW Brewery - Newcastle, Maine

OXBOW is an American Farmhouse Brewery in a renovated barn located on 18 acres of land in Newcastle, Maine. OXBOW specializes in traditional Belgian farmhouse beers with a contemporary American influence. The brand was born from the idea of two friends in 2009, and brought to reality through sacrifice and hard work with the first commercial brew in July of 2011. OXBOW's Farmhouse Pale Ale was created when a classic saison was merged with an American pale ale. With 16 beers brewed their first year OXBOW continues breaking their own trail forward brewing flavor driven and exciting beers including their signature Farmhouse Pale Ale, Space Cowboy, the Freestyle Series, and their seasonal brews.OXBOW's tagline, "Loud beer from a quiet place" best sums up where they're at and where they're headed. On Fridays the OXBOW brewery is open from 2-6pm for customers to swing by and purchase or fill growlers, and sample some of the beers OXBOW has on tap.


OXBOW American Farmhouse Brewery.

Co-Founders Geoff Masland (top left) and Tim Adams (top right) surround themselves with a solid and passionate group of family and friends (Mike Fava brewer, Dash Masland office manager, Jake Merrill distribution, Ben Ferri orchardist) that continuously inspire growth of the brand on a daily basis.

Co-founder & head brewer Tim Adams, and brewer Mike Fava mashing-in.

The farmhouse brewery.

OXBOW is located at:

274 Jones Woods Road Newcastle, ME 04553