Skate Lewiston Maine

Spent some time in Lewiston shooting with Elijah, Josh, Ryan, John, and the rest of the crew. The city's got a ton of spots tucked into the neighborhoods if you search for them. Lewiston's got a solid crew and a great scene going on. Plus there's some great architecture around to be amazed by. Lewiston Maine

Elijah Akerley, front blunt. Elijah Akerley

Elijah Akerley, wallride nollie.

Josh Goodman, boulder ollie. josh goodman

Elijah Akerley, back 180. elijah akerley

Ryan Lafean, hydrant ollie. ryan lafean

DIY. lewiston diy lewiston diy elijah akerley Josh Goodman Lewiston DIY

Elijah Akerley, no-comply. elijah akerley

Italian Bakery. italian bakery lewiston maine

Max Bristol, Lewiston Park. Max Bristol Lewiston Park

Josh Goodman, Lewiston Park. josh goodman

Elijah Akerley, boneless. elijah akerley elijah akerley

Elijah Akerley, kickflip. elijah akerley

Ryan Lafean, front smith. ryan lafean

Ammon, mini ramp session. ammon ammon

Zack, frontside flip.skate lewiston maine

Regan. regan backwoods shop

John Bedard. john b

Elijah Akerley, crail. elijah akerley

Elijah Akerley, one foot 5-0. elijah akerley lewiston maine