The Holy Donut - Portland, Maine

Leigh Kellis and her team of family and friends have created a destination in Portland, Maine for donuts. The shops located on Park Ave & Exchange Street and are cranking out delicious potato donuts that will make anyone a believer. With the shop only open for 7 months, they have cultivated a dedicated following, with line ups starting outside the donut shop door well before said door opens for the morning rush. The donut shop was born from a want that Leigh had, she wanted a good donut, like the donuts she would seek out at the Mom and Pop donut shops during her travels, but was having a hard time finding one around. She began experimenting with recipes in her home kitchen for 3 months, many batches later, she finally had a recipe she liked. The Holy Donut's donuts are made with high quality local ingredients, including the dairy, eggs, unbleached flour, and Maine potatoes. No artificial colors are used for the glazes, these donuts are made with all natural ingredients. Coffee by design was quick to carry the donuts that Leigh was creating. Soon they were ordering them for the other stores as well. Whole Foods took notice of the gourmet donuts, and began ordering the donuts for their Portland store. She soon found herself making 100 dozen a week by herself, while still working out of her own kitchen. Leigh moved The Holy Donut to a local Portland restaurant kitchen that wasn't being used in the early mornings. This gave her the commercial kitchen space she needed to work out of and continue to grow her donut business. Her father Allen saw how busy Leigh was with her donuts, came out of retirement to help her out with deliveries 7 days a week starting at 6am every morning. Leigh and her father began to shop around Portland for a space, to put The Holy Donut. They found the new home for their donut shop on Park Ave, in the former Terroni's Market location. In such a short time after opening on a shoestring she has grown a business that was just her and her dad to 10 staff members that include family and friends. The Holy Donut recently won Best New Business in Portland from the Buy Local Indie Biz awards. With donuts like the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Bacon Cheddar, and Maple Glazed, it's not hard to see why people line up before they open. Go see and taste for yourself.