The Mcdermott Brothers

I recently spent some time with local Maine surfboard shapers Ryan and Andy Mcdermott to see what's up with mcdermott shapes.

Ryan's roommate from high school at Carrabassett Valley Academy put him to work in Nantucket between junior and senior  years in high school. Ryan was exposed to the surf scene in Nantucket and was all in. Ryan and a crew of friends pitched in, bought some boards, and spent the summer surfing.  That summer, his brother Andy came for a visit and after going out surfing with his brother, he was hooked too. When Andy came back to Maine from his visit with Ryan in Nantucket, Andy bought a used longboard from Wheels & Waves and starts surfing in Maine. After shopping around for surfboards, and being well rounded with the building trades, they decided they could make their own for less than they would spend on a new board. They rounded up a couple friends and pitched in on some foam from California and shaped their first boards. They are still surfing the first two boards they shaped. Other friends of their's soon wanted custom boards shaped for themselves, mcdermott shapes was launched. Six years after setting up shop, they've shaped, glassed, and repaired hundreds of boards. They spent a winter working in some shops and surfing in Southern California to further learn their trade. They travel up and down the coast surfing waves. They are true craftsmen in the water and in the shop. Check them out at Blackpoint Surf Shop in Scarborough.

The shaping room.

Andy goes to work.

Ryan tapes up his broken thumb from a skiing situation.

Andy checking the conditions.

Shred the driveway.

Andy and Ryan fighting it out.

Check out: mcdermott shapes

Blackpoint Surf Shop