Maine Project Year in Review

2012 comes to a wrap. Maine Project was busy this past year. It was so much fun getting around and meeting up with some amazing people in their businesses as well as being in some stunning locations around Maine. I look back on this past year and realize how special of a place Maine is. The level of creativity and drive that is abundant here drives me to keep pushing this site and brand forward. The past year was truly a memorable one, myself and everyone else look forward to the new year and all that it brings. We will be launching our general store early 2013 and will continue to document the finer things in Maine.Here's a look at some of my favorite moments from Maine Project in 2012:

The visit to the Mcdermott brothers new shop Black Point Surf in Scarborough was a great time. We meet up with Andy, Ryan, and Brett. They showed us around the new space, and Andy shaped a board in their new shape room. Since that April day, the shop has been busy and is now a staple for the local surf scene. mcdermott

I spent a day at Mt. Abram for their annual Camp Freestyle. A crew of instructors takes a group of young skiers and snowboarders through the terrain park and explains park and mountain techniques and safety. Cliff and the crew up there are doing good things for the kids with this camp. mt abram

Earlier in the year we hit Death or Glory Tattoos in Westbrook, Maine. Rocco and Brad are knocking out some of the best traditional work around. Rocco also shared some of his tattoo wood cutout works with us. Definitely check these guys out if you're looking for some tattoo work. death or glory tattoos rocco

Spent a lot of time out shooting surf around the state. Some great times were had in the ocean this past year. Here's just a small sampling of some of the surf we've had. maine surf

If you haven't been out to OXBOW in Newcastle, Maine yet, you need to get out there as soon as you can.They've just opened up their new tasting room for trying out their beers and getting your growlers filled. Maine Project spent a day in the brewery with Tim Adams and Mike Fava while they mashed in and brewed their Farmhouse Pale Ale. oxbow

We took a drive up to Bangor to visit John Jones at his workshop where he hand crafts his own damascus steel chef knives and pocket knives. He worked on a batch of damascus steel while we were there, it was intriguing watching him forge the steel and work with it using artisanal techniques. john jones knives

Gary and the Resession crew kept things interesting this summer with their Thursday Throwdowns. One of the highlights of the throwdowns was the trip out to Peaks Island. James Engle was on the injured list with a hurt foot, but still came out to rip the quarter in pitch blackness with his only light coming from some of the crew holding up their cell phones. james engle peaks island

On the topic of skate, Resession, Abyss, ESNC, Death or Glory Tattoos, and Low Card, hosted a Go Skate Day event at the DIY park in Portland. This was one of the last times the park was skated, right after Go Skate Day, the park was demolished. The spirit of DIY still lives on, after all that's what Maine is all about! go skate day portland maine jay brown

Leigh let me into The Holy Donut early one Saturday morning to check out their donut production. These are some tasty donuts that will have you hooked after the first bite. the holy donut

Seawall opened up shop in the heart of the Old Port. They've got such a nice retail space and are producing their own line of cut and sew goods. Worth checking out when you're in the Old Port. seawall shop portland maine

Shoot the Pier premiered their trailer for the film at the Salt & Cedar Event held at Grain Surfboards in York, Maine. The event was curated nicely and the trailer for the film looks great! shoot the pier

Autumn came and was filled with amazing scenery. The leaves turned and the ocean came to life. This reminded me of why the Fall is one of my favorite times of year in Maine. autumn in maine

We caught up with Josh Moody, owner and shaper of Monroe Surfboards. We hung out at his shape shack out in Monroe, Maine where he shaped a board and told the history of Monroe Surf Co. josh moody monroe surf

That pretty much sums up some of what we were up to with Maine Project over the past year. This was just a small sampling of what we've been up too. Check out the site for more features. Thanks to everyone that has followed along with us over the past year! We are looking forward to what comes our way next!