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Tanner Gasco-Wiggin for RESESSION

RESESSION recently had Tanner carve a custom stamp out of linoleum for stamping the shop’s shopping bags. Maine Project spent some time while Tanner put in some detail work on the linoleum block. The line drawing that Tanner starts with was done by Brad Sawyer from Death or Glory Tattoos. This project shows the true spirit of a craftsman, artist, and laborer. Check out more work from Tanner on his site here:

tanner gw
tanner gw resession
tanner gw resession
tanner gw resession
tanner gw resession
tanner gw resession

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Charles Friedman- flowfold

I spent some time with Charles Friedman of flowfold, in their workshop location in Portland. During the brief visit, Charles cut, assembled, and stitched a banner for maine project out of reclaimed sail cloth.
Flowfold produces super light weight and durable wallets and bags out of sail cloth. Recently as a way to find a use for leftover pieces of sail cloth from their wallet and bag lines, flowfold has begun to build banners for businesses out of these leftover pieces. This helps play a role in flowfold reducing their environmental impact by reducing waste.
During the visit, Charles takes the time to explain to maine project where the name flowfold comes from, and the emphasis flowfold places on the crew being able to execute each step of their business before outsourcing to local vendors.
Check out the video below of Charles handcrafting a sail cloth banner for maine project.
The second part of the flowfold series will be coming to the site soon.


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Tessa O’Brien

I caught up with Tessa O’Brien one evening as she was working on a multi-wall Maine coast and surf inspired mural for the Maine Surfer’s Union shop, in Portland, Maine. In the video below, she reveals the thought and process behind her latest work of art. Check out more of Tessa’s work at her website here.

That gold cuff Tessa has on in the photo below, also doubles as a paint can opener. Dedicated to her craft.
tessa o'brien
tessa o'brien murals
tessa o'brien murals
tessa o'brien mural
tessa o'brien mural
tessa o'brien mural
tessa o'brien mural
tessa o'brien
tessa o'brien

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Will Sears – Better Letter Hand Painted Signs

will sears

Will Sears is putting out some beautifully hand painted signs from his studio workshop in Portland. He uses traditional hand painting techniques with custom lettering that give a nod to the earlier masters of the trade.  Fresh or reclaimed wood from torn down barns and other sources end up being the canvas for Will’s designs, depending on the look the client is going for.
The painted signs of years past on Maine buildings and trips out to San Francisco over the past few years has fueled his hunger wanting to paint signs with more style and finesse.
With a DIY approach to the craft of sign painting brought on by his background in skateboarding, graffiti, and being in bands, Will has worked and taught himself traditional techniques like pouncing, which is where the paper is perforated with a spiked wheel and then charcoal powder is rubbed into the holes to transfer the outline.
Even with the impressive body of work he has produced, he still sees himself as a humble servant of the tradition. If you’re at all familiar with OXBOW, Eventide, or El Rayo, then you’ve already seen Will’s letter and sign painting around. Better Letter Hand Painted Signs.

Here’s some photos from a recent studio visit with Will Sears and Better Letter Hand Painted Signs.

Stencil prep.
will sears

Fonts all day long….
better letter hand painted signs
better letter hand painted signs
better letter hand painted signs

Tools of the trade…
better letter hand painted signs
better letter hand painted signs

Hand crafted with a steady hand. Will uses the traditional method of pouncing to lay down a stencil with charcoal powder.
better letter hand painted signs
better letter hand painted signs
better letter hand painted signs
will sears
will sears
will sears
will sears
better letter hand painted signs

Will’s got tons of these Absolutely hand painted signs around his shop.
better letter hand painted signs
better letter hand painted signs

Gun stock.
better letter hand painted signs

Check out Will’s sign painting at
better letter hand painted signs

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Josh Moody – Monroe Surf Co.

monroe surf co

Josh Moody, surfer, surfboard shaper and owner of Monroe Surf Co. Josh started building boards out of a need for a surfboard that he could have fun on without his only option being a longboard. Josh built a few boards for himself and a few friends to surf, then after a trip to California and gaining some insight to the craft from Terry Senate, he came back to Maine and went full on shaping and glassing surfboards.
Josh being a Jack of all trades, built his log home on a piece of land in Monroe, Maine with a chainsaw using local cedar and reclaimed materials. It is on this same land that he built his shape shack where he pursues his goal of helping people have more fun in the water by building them custom surfboards. It’s evident in Josh’s persona that he has the drive and determination to make things happen, and that has lead to him building surfboards in the quiet Midcoast town of Monroe.
Along with building boards, Josh spends plenty of time in the cold Atlantic waters of Maine. He is constantly on the search up and down the rugged Maine coast exploring the nooks and crannies in search of waves. He puts in the work and it’s paying off for him, he’s created a living out of doing what he loves most.

monroe surf co
monroe surf co
monroe surf co
monroe surf co
monroe surf co
monroe surf co
monroe surf co
monroe surf co
monroe surf comonroe surf comonroe surf comonroe surf co

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JD Maloney – Surfer

Recently I went with Brian from Bridge to Shore Films to meet up with JD Maloney. Brian was interviewing JD for the Shoot the Pier Film. JD was the owner of the Big Dawn Surf Shop in Old Orchard Beach. The shop was open during the 70’s in Old Orchard during a boom of surfing in the beach town. We heard amazing stories from JD about surfing and skateboarding in Maine during the late 60’s and through the 70’s. After the interview JD pulled out his surfboard and the sign from The Big Dawn Surf Shop. He showed us an original shop shirt, and the original screen for printing.
Not able to surf as much as he would like, JD is still connected to the ocean and still rides the big ones way offshore in his sailboat. He also owns and operates Woods to Goods in York, Maine which retails Maine made products from prison inmates.
Keep an out for the Shoot the Pier film. Check out the website for a trailer of the film.



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The Mcdermott Brothers

I recently spent some time with local Maine surfboard shapers Ryan and Andy Mcdermott to see what’s up with mcdermott shapes.

Ryan’s roommate from high school at Carrabassett Valley Academy put him to work in Nantucket between junior and senior  years in high school. Ryan was exposed to the surf scene in Nantucket and was all in. Ryan and a crew of friends pitched in, bought some boards, and spent the summer surfing.  That summer, his brother Andy came for a visit and after going out surfing with his brother, he was hooked too. When Andy came back to Maine from his visit with Ryan in Nantucket, Andy bought a used longboard from Wheels & Waves and starts surfing in Maine.
After shopping around for surfboards, and being well rounded with the building trades, they decided they could make their own for less than they would spend on a new board. They rounded up a couple friends and pitched in on some foam from California and shaped their first boards. They are still surfing the first two boards they shaped. Other friends of their’s soon wanted custom boards shaped for themselves, mcdermott shapes was launched.
Six years after setting up shop, they’ve shaped, glassed, and repaired hundreds of boards. They spent a winter working in some shops and surfing in Southern California to further learn their trade. They travel up and down the coast surfing waves. They are true craftsmen in the water and in the shop.
Check them out at Blackpoint Surf Shop in Scarborough.

The shaping room.

Andy goes to work.

Ryan tapes up his broken thumb from a skiing situation.

Andy checking the conditions.

Shred the driveway.

Andy and Ryan fighting it out.

Check out:
mcdermott shapes

Blackpoint Surf Shop


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Brian Goding – Filmmaker

With the passion to pursue film and share stories, Brian Goding a local surfer and filmmaker from Lewiston, Maine sold his flooring business so he can do what he loves without any distractions. Working for various clients across Maine and studying at Maine Media College, Brian has been able to fine tune his video and editing skills.
For his latest project, Shoot the Pier, that passion grew even more when he received some 8mm film from surfer Tom Wiley with footage of surfing from the 60’s and 70’s in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. He decided then to put together a documentary showing the history of surfing and skateboarding in Old Orchard Beach. The film tells the story of a generation and era of surfing in Old Orchard Beach through historical 8mm footage from the 60’s mixed with modern day surf footage and interviews of the original surfers.
Bombing hills, bombing waves, and partying on the beach, this film will bring us back in time and back again.
Keep an eye out for the film “Shoot the Pier – A True Maine Surf Story”

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Nate Clukey – Skier

Nate Clukey. Skier. Skateboarder. Former Terrain Park Manager. Bethel local. Sunday River local. Mt. Abram local. Maine local.
I spent the day with Nate, he had just been flowed some new wax from Kickin Chicken Wax. We stopped by Pinnacle to use the shop so Nate could wax up his skis. After Pinnacle we headed up to the terrain park at Sunday River to test the new wax and grab some shots. Then we stopped by Mt. Abram, Nate got in on some free skiing from 3-4pm. Throughout the day Nate shared some of his local knowledge of the Bethel area. Here’s what he had to say.

MP: What are some of your favorite spots on Sunday River?
NC: Spruce Cliffs, the Halfpipe, & South Ridge Terrain Park.

MP: Favorite spots at Mt. Abram?
NC: The ZONE, Zephyr, & The CLIFF.

MP: Powder day, where are you heading?
NC: Rockys Run at Mt. Abram and White Cap at Sunday River.

MP: Best place to eat in the Bethel area?
NC: CHO~SUN, check out Rockstar Karaoke night and half-price Sushi every Sunday night.

MP: Best place for Apres Ski?
NC: Sunday River Brew Pub.

MP: Best mountain secret?
NC: The Crepe Shack at South Ridge.

MP: Best mountain deals?
NC: Mt. Abram free skiing every Thursday from 3-4 followed by 5 dollar pizza and live music in the lodge.

MP: Best place to grab breakfast after a night on the town?
NC: Crossroads Diner.

MP: What’s there to do in the off season?
NC: Bethel Skatepark.

MP: Best thing about skiing in Maine?
NC: Mainers LOVE to Party!

MP: Name 3 up and coming skiers from the Bethel area.
NC: Troy Murphy, Andy Blanchard, & Curtis Bolduc.

MP: Local shop for gear?

MP: Maine roadtrip… Where are you headed?
NC: Surfing the Southern Maine coast.

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Gary Sabol – Re Session Skate Shop

I caught up with Re Session’s owner Gary Sabol while I was at the shop and hit him up for his knowledge on skating and hanging out in Portland, Maine. Read on for his break down of what Portland has on offer.

3 must do’s when you have visitors in town.
1. Casco Bay Ferry Cruise
2. Hit the nightlife up (always tons of stuff going on).
3. ………..

3 spots to eat cheap.
1. Pats Pizza
2. OhNo Sandwich Shop (OhNo Cafe)
3. Market St. Eats

3 things about skating in Portland Maine.

1. Bricks
2. Cobblestones
3. Nothing is perfect… that’s why it is perfect!

Top 3 skateparks in Maine.
1. Portland park
2. Lewiston park
3. Standish park

Top 3 skate spots in Maine.
1. Medians (Portland)
2. D.I.Y (Portland)
3. Marginal Way bank to wall (Portland)

3 spots for when the weather is bad. (skate or hangout)
Gary: “All of our covered spots for skating are pretty much gone now..  so good hangouts are”
1. ReSession skate shop…  come in and shoot the breeze and watch skate vids.
2. Death or Glory tattoo shop in Westbrook..  get tatted up!  The only true skater owned tat shop in the area.
3. The Nickelodeon Theater..  catch a flick.

3 up and coming skaters from Portland.
Gary: “Woah..  so many”
1. James Engle
2. Dave Greene
3. Kevin Vov (he’s an old man but every time I skate with him he amazes me) still up and coming!

3 things you’re looking forward to this summer in Portland.
1. Skating in warm weather.
2. Riding my motorcycle.
3. Meeting cool new people from all over the world that stop in the shop.

3 reasons to stop by Re Session.
1. Best product money can buy.
2. Info on all skate spots around town.
3. Meet up with the homies before a good session.


Re Session Skate Shop is located at 38 Market St. Portland, ME. 04106.






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