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Fan Si Pan Maine Project Twofold Pack

Excited to share this limited release with you. A collaboration pack from Fan Si Pan & Maine Project. For the project we spent some time exploring our immediate surroundings to bring a short edit together. Fan Si Pan packs are made by hand in Portland, Maine. Quality build, and repairs provided for life. Support local makers.

Low profile bag for day hikes, trips to swimming holes, or your daily commute
– Two separate main zipper pockets
– Interior Velcro pocket for phone/keys/wallet
– Leather gear lash and nylon loop for hiking pole/fishing pole
– 13 liters
– Handmade in Maine using:
– 1000d water repelant nylon
– High-strength nylon webbing and durable plastic hardware
– 10lbs tensile nylon thread
– Repairs provided for life


Limited supply available now at:
Maine Project Shop, Fan Si Pan, or in store at RESESSION on 38 Market St. in Portland, Maine.

music provided by:



Featuring: @noblairno @joeradano @ richvessey & music by @jbnewcomb

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Opinel Knives

Just added a new batch of Opinel No. 8 knives to the store. These are perfect for any journey. They pack light and fit perfect in a pocket. Stainless steel blade measures 3 1/4″.

Opinel No. 8
Opinel No. 8
Opinel No. 8
Opinel No. 8
Opinel No. 8

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Handplanes by Neto Shapes

Stoked to add a few Handplanes to the shop from Neto Shapes. Made right here in Maine. Take your body surfing up a level, give one of these a try.

neto shapes for maine project
neto shapes for maine project
hand plane by neto shapes for maine project

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Maine Project Spring Goods

We just updated our store with more Shorebreak beanies for Spring. And we also got restocked on our Seadrift Keychains.
Check them out in the shop here.

seadrift keychains
shorebreak beanie

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Liberty Tool Co

Took a drive out to Liberty Tool Company in Liberty Maine to look for some fixtures for RESESSION.  The shop aims to recycle tools to provide to people as a focus on sustainability and to the people that work with their hands at a reasonable cost. Here’s a few snaps from around the store.

liberty tool co
liberty tool co
liberty tool co
liberty tool co
liberty tool co
liberty tool co
liberty tool co

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Doug Birgfeld – Birgfeld’s Bike & Skate

Doug Birgfeld, owner of Birgfeld’s Bike & Skate has been in the action sports retail game for over 30 years in Searsport. He has seen every trend, along with all the ups and downs over the years. But he has stood by these sports. He’s reached into other markets over the years to help supplement his shops revenue, but at the end of the day, Birgfeld’s is a Skate, Bike, and Surf shop.
Back in the earlier days of Birgfeld’s history with skateboarding, he put a team together for the shop. They would organize practices, team events, and contests. He created a place that became a hub for the emerging skate scene in Midcoast Maine. Many of the kids that skated for Birgfeld’s back then, are now coming into the shop with their kids to get product, and they are greeted by Doug behind the counter, just as it’s been for the generations before.
Walking into the shop, you are immediately overwhelmed with the amount of product and projects that surround you. Vintage product mixed in with new product, make for a visual feast while walking down memory lane. Stacks of skate decks over there, a custom lowrider being built over there, a rack of surf boards, and rows upon rows of bikes. Birgfeld’s stocks all types of bikes, everything from the custom lowrider, to BMX’s, to cruisers, Bianchi road bikes, and even fixed gears that Doug builds out himself with older frames for the “city folk”, as he likes to say.
One of the most important staples of the shop is Doug himself. He has been a supporter of multiple generations of kids coming through the shop, whether it be helping out a kid who just lost his skateboard with a complete board set up, letting a regular pay what he can, then pay the rest later, or helping establish a scene in the Midcoast when skateboarding was still new and misunderstood, or stocking a local surfboard shapers boards, or just simply engaging in some entertaining “back in the day” stories with the more seasoned crew. Doug genuinely cares about the people that come through his shop, and makes you feel welcome no matter who you are, and without a doubt, that’s one of the many reasons why his shop is still in business today.
Go stop in to Birgfeld’s shop and see firsthand what makes it so unique. There aren’t many shops like it still around these days. And maybe while you’re there, Jason Jesse will be stopping by on his way up to Bar Harbor.

Doug flipping through an old photo album from the early 90’s skate scene in Midcoast Maine.

Doug showing an original Sims deck undrilled.

From building hotrods, bikes, and skateboards, these tools have seen it all.

Birgfeld’s Bike & Skate.

Birgfeld’s Bike & Skate is located at:
184 E. Main Street
Searsport, ME 04974
(207) 548 2916

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Seawall – Portland, Maine

SEAWALL, has done an amazing job bringing the integrity and heritage of the space they occupy to life. When you walk into the shop off Wharf St. you find yourself in a space that has history, quality, and creativity seeping from the brick walls. The shop is a concept retail space that displays artworks and curated goods in a gallery sense.. They carry local brands like Black Point Mercantile that is producing hand crafted bags and canvas map cases out of Scarborough, Maine, and Maine Medicinals from Dresden, Maine. SEAWALL is also showcasing their house label SEAWALL which is cut and sewn just next door. Check SEAWALL out at: 37 Wharf St. Portland, ME.

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Havoc Fireworks

Havoc Fireworks opened on Route 26 in S. Paris, Maine just before the Memorial Day weekend. Since Opening Catherine Richards and Pete Libbey have been busy non-stop at the shop. They carry a great selection and variety of fireworks that will appeal to most customers. Everything thing from sparklers and roman candles to fountains, 500 gram cakes and re-loadable shells. They also stock the complete collection of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch edition fireworks. Convenient location, good stock, and enthusiastic crew make this a necessary stop.

Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch edition fireworks.

Havoc fireworks.


Check Havoc Fireworks at:
183A Park St. Route 26 S. Paris, ME 04281
p. 207-739-2579
Hours: 10am-7pm everyday
facebook: Havoc Fireworks


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Death or Glory Tattoos

Death or Glory Tattoos located in Westbrook, Maine is putting out some timeless work. Owned and operated by James Rocco Hodgdon, they have been tattooing traditional Americana and custom pieces for clients from all over. After working in shops around NYC and Austin, then opening World Famous Tattoos in Austin, Rocco headed back to Maine to open up shop in Westbrook. That was about six years ago and the shop is going strong. Joining Rocco in the shop is artist Brad Sawyer who also puts out solid work. The shop is covered in flash and tattoo wood cutouts. Both Rocco and Brad are constantly working their craft, if there isn’t a client in their chair (which isn’t often) they are drawing and painting new flash pieces for the shop or clients. If your looking to get some quality work done in a great shop by some talented artists, check out Death or Glory Tattoos. Here’s a glimpse into the shop and some of the work that comes out of it.


Brad Sawyer.

Death or Glory Tattoos.
415 Main St.
Westbrook, ME 04092
p. 207.856.5552


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Portland flea-for-all – Open

The Portland flea for all opened this weekend with a great show on Saturday. A great curated selection of vendors showing their wares and works. The interior space has been beautifully put together making a perfect back drop to showing off the variety of goods for sale. The is the spot for checking out some of Portland and Maine’s finest creatives. The flea for all will now be open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm. The space is located at 125 Kennebec Street in Portland.


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